Watch This Space

It’s really going to happen, folks.  This blog is getting a new life!  A resuscitation, if you will.

As you can see, I have brought over all of my old posts from the old blog and set up shop here at WordPress.  So far I am feeling very much at home here!  I am slowly going through each old post, categorizing things and bringing over images from the old server so that the archives will be complete and intact here when I finally switch things off on the old server.  I will also being toying around with the CSS here so colors will change and the banner image, too.  So bear with me while I get things set up just the way I like.

I’ve also been adding past projects to Ravelry and plan on utilizing it’s awesomeness a LOT more from now on!  This knitter is getting organized!  Find me as allisonlovesyarn!

I’ve decided to stay with the name Freckles and Purls because, of course, there will be knitting on this blog as it remains my most favorite hobby!  But there will also be sewing, cooking, home renovations and just life in general.  I hope you’ll join me.

I’ve got lots to catch you up on.  Life has changed quite a bit since we last spoke.

But I will save those details for later.  Until then, update your bookmarks, update your RSS feeds, kick back, grab a snack and join me in my new spot on the interwebs.


Comments are down

Blah. My comments are down. I was trying to install anti-spam stuff and now you can’t leave a comment. Hopefully it will be fixed this afternoon when I can access my backup files.

Edit: Ok! All fixed! Yay! Guess I’ll have to find another solution to my spam problem. Any ideas? Would upgrading to Movable Type 3.3 help things? I should probably do that anyway, huh?


Thanks for all of the great advice! After reading all of your comments I started panicking that maybe this person did send the promised prize and it got lost and all the while she was thinking I was some ungrateful b*tch for not acknowledging the gift! So I sent a little inquiry and hope to find out more very soon.

I also wanted to let everyone know about a correction I made to the Entrelac Scarf pattern found in my sidebar. I left out a ssk on the first triangle of the final tier of triangles. Sorry guys! But if you download the pattern again you’ll get the corrected version.

I’m still plugging away at the tree skirt! I think I have a plan to get it finished in the next two weeks. Geoff and I went ahead a got an artificial tree this year (with pre-strung lights, thank you thank you thank you! Stringing lights was the worst part of tree-decorating!) so I think we can wait to put it up until the first week of Dec. And hopefully I’ll have a finished tree skirt to go under it. I promise to try and take some pics of it in the next couple of days. I know how boring these pictureless posts can be!

Thanks again to everyone for your advice!

A mini-rant

No knitting progress pics to show. The tree skirt is growing slowly but surely. Hopefully the Thanksgiving Holiday will give me some good quality knitting time to make a good dent in it.

But I wanted to ask everyone’s opinion of something. I was hesitant about whether or not I should post about it but I’m kinda wondering if it’s happened to others.

First of all, the knitting blog community is full of super-wonderful-thoughtful-nice people (as are the usual traits of knitters) and sometimes knitbloggers are so nice that they will actually GIVE things away to people! No strings attached! Wonderful! Maybe it’s associated with a contest they are having or maybe they are just in a giving mood. I remember entering a little contest on High Energy Jenny’s blog last year and winning some Dale of Norway Svale. So nice of her! I loved it!

Well, back in May I entered a “contest” of sorts on someone’s blog and was one of the winners! Yay! She asked me to email my address to her and she would send me a little goodie! So nice! But my goodie never arrived. 😦 And of course, because it was pretty much a gift and there wasn’t much effort on my part, I wasn’t going to contact this person about it because I felt that would be very selfish! So I just chalked it up to her being busy and stuff and moved on.

So then in September I happened across a new knit-a-long for a pattern from the fall 06 knitty. They were having a button contest! Fun! So I created a button for them and entered it. The prize was sock yarn, people. Can’t resist the sock yarn. Well they posted the button I made as the first official entry and after that no else entered and I noticed members of the knit-a-long were already using my button on their blogs. At the end of the contest, I sort of “won” by default. So the knit-along hostess asked me to email her my address and she would send me some sock yarn! Yay! So nice! But alas, no sock yarn for me. And of course I feel bad about contacting her about it because I feel like it would appear selfish. But this was something I actually spent time on! It took time to create that button for them. And not only did I not get proper credit for it when I entered it (she spelled my name wrong) but she “lost” my original email so at the end of the contest I had to email her to give her my address and also to remind her who I was. I even left a comment on the post announcing me as the “winner” thanking her for being kind enough to want to send me yarn! So nice!

So I was wondering if this has happened to other people. Is it just my bad luck? I mean, I already feel awkward entering any kind of contest because I feel guilty about getting something for nothing. And these experiences have just made me feel more awkward. (this is the reason I don’t join secret pal things. I just know I’d get paired with the person who flakes)

Anyway, that’s all. Just wanted to see if I’m the only person getting shafted out there. I’m 1 for 3 in good contest experiences and those odds aren’t so nice…

Men in Trees

I feel like I may be the only person who is actually enjoying watching the new ABC show Men in Trees. Am I? Of course, I’m a sucker for romantic comedy type things. It’s from one of the headwriters and executive producers of “Sex and the City” so that’s probably why I like it so much.

This show is set in Alaska but filmed in GORGEOUS Vancouver. The scenery is just beautiful. But what I am really digging on the show is the abundance of awesome knitwear! Here are just a few examples I found online:

And in the last episode Anne Heche’s character wore a Scribble Lace Scarf! It’s sometimes hard to follow the storyline because I’m too busy ogling the knits.

Anyway, I am really enjoying the show and have my TiVo set for it but I’m not hearing good things about its future. I don’t think ABC promoted it well at all. Knowing my luck, I’ll get sucked into it and it will get cancelled.
You can catch it on ABC on Friday nights at 9. Anyone out there watching it with me? Anyone? Bueller?