Another Finished Knit

Remember this? I finished it back in July! But I never gave it a proper “finished object” post. So here ya go! (and I still have TWO other {old} finished knits that need a proper post, too! Maybe in the next week?!)

Pattern: Entrelac Scarf
Started: February 20, 2006
Finished: July 26, 2006
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden in colorway 87
Needles: US 8
Size: one size
Ravelry link

I really love this scarf and I think it will get a lot of use this winter! I found a free pattern on the internet but it was riddled with TONS of errors and I changed the width of the scarf so that I could get a longer scarf out of 4 balls of yarn. So I’m making my version available to anyone who wants it. Just look over in the sidebar.
**Edit: 11/19/06-Fixed a missing ssk on the first triangle of the final tier! You can download the pattern again to get the corrected version.

It’s been a busy week and I have LOTS to blog about but no time right now! One of my greatest friends is getting married this weekend! And the best part? He’s marrying a knitter! I know she will keep him wrapped in knitted goodness! Yay!

So Geoff and I have a busy weekend ahead! I’ll be back next week! Have a great weekend!


25 thoughts on “Another Finished Knit

  1. I wandered over from Elliphantom’s blog – beautiful scarf :o) I have some silk garden that’s been sitting in the stash for a while that would be perfect…how many skeins did you end up using? And, thanks for the pattern!

  2. I wandered over from Elliphantom’s blog – beautiful scarf :o) I have some silk garden that’s been sitting in the stash for a while that would be perfect…how many skeins did you end up using? And, thanks for the pattern!

  3. Dear Allison,
    I just came across your website and think this scarf is fanastic. Is it reversible ? It’s a little difficult to tell from photos.
    Many thanks,

  4. I love this entrelac scarf pattern – thanks so much for making it available! Oh, and I think the link in the blog post is broken, although the one in your sidebar works. Thanks again!

  5. I just recieved the entralac scarf pattern for christmas and this is for me the most challenging pattern i have tried so far. I am having a problem getting started and was hopeing you could help. After you complete the first set of 15 rows when you get to row 2 again (the first all purling row) do you purl only the one stitch you knit or all the way across the needle? I don’t know why im having such problems, its probably so simple, but i have never actually seen the scarf in person. thanks

  6. I am stuck! I’ve just finished the second rectangle in Tier 2 and when I finished I did not have another 8 salvage stitches to pick up. I finished right next to the middle square of 8 stitches. Why don’t I have another 8 salvage stitches to pick up so I can make the third square of Tier two? What do you think I did wrong?

  7. HELP I”M STUCK!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
    I love your scarf, had the noro silk garden & cast on. Didn’t get too far before I had some problems & will appreciate your help. I’m desperate.
    1. On tier 1 left rectangle/triangle I ended up with 9 sts instead of 8 & I am thinking, how could you not since you are doing a make 1 adding a stitch every other row in this little piece.
    2. okay I give up what is a selvage stitch and where exactly do I pick it up, could you walk me through it….
    Trust me I’m really a passionate knitter but I’ve never done selvage and just am lost with what it means. I was originally going to knit the Lady Eleanor Stole in Scarf Style and didn’t because of the whole selvage thing but it sounded even more difficult.
    I love your scarf & hope mine comes out half as nice.
    Thank You

  8. I just looked at your Entrelac Scarf pattern and was very interested in it. I am working on an Entrelac Scarf and having some problems with the pattern. I was wondering though, if I can still make this pattern with rectangles rather than squares? Kind of curious to know if you had corrected the same pattern I am trying to use. Thanks. Lisa

  9. Thank you so much for this pattern. I have been wanting to make one for a while – didn’t want to buy a book just for the pattern.
    Now I can go yarn shopping.

  10. Thank you, a million times! It’s a great scarf. My friend and I were at a great LYS in Austin yesterday checking out the goodness and we mentioned that we needed a pattern for an entrelac scarf, as opposed to a shawl. Thanks so much!

  11. Allo moi ne lit pas anglais mais desirais avoir les explication de cette jolie echape ou(foulard)
    si vous l avais en francais ou un chemas
    merci beaucoup Mia du Quebec

  12. I am making this scarf for my teenage son (age 14) and instead of using self striping yarn I am using two balls of worsted weight acrylic, size 10 needles and changing colors. Also I am doing the “garterlac” where it is all done in garter stitch. I am using a total of 4 colors. He wanted a scarf that would be “interesting” to look at! Also found a free pattern for an entrelac hat which I will do to match. Maybe I can figure out how to post my pics after I get it done!

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