Plenty of knitting time…

Why have I had so much knitting time? Because I’m still sick! Or sick again. I really don’t know. I had a bad bad cold-like thingy two weeks ago, remember? Well since then I’ve had this lingering (and annoying) cough. I thought it was no big deal. The cough is always the last thing to go, right? Well, Thursday night it all moved into my chest and has wreaked havoc on me since. So I’ve spent a lot of time on the couch. Which sucks because Geoff and I were planning lots of yard work this past weekend that we weren’t able to do and I didn’t feel like weaving in the ends and blocking the Fiery Bolero like I had planned.

Instead I started knitting the Aran Tree Skirt from Handknit Holidays. You knew it was a matter of time, right? I’ve finished the first segment (out of 11).
Aran Tree Skirt

Unfortunately, this progress did not come without a price…
broken Denise cord
What’s wrong with this picture?

My 19″ Denise cord went snap-o. Thank goodness for the lifetime guarantee. I’ll be dropping that baby in the mail tomorrow for a replacement. I just hope it doesn’t happen again. Some of the cabling in this pattern can be hazardous to your hands (and obviously needles, too). The double-stranded Lopi is like knitting with rope (with bits of hay here and there). Scratchy scratchy scratchy. But the beauty of it makes it all worth it.

I hope to have a finished blocked Fiery Bolero soon. In the meantime, please send all of the anti-phlegm thoughts you can my way!


4 thoughts on “Plenty of knitting time…

  1. sounds like you ‘ve set yourself up for a sage tea/knitting extravagganza. Enjoy!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Busted Denise cords are the worst… I know you can send them back, but I am so lazy about it… send it back soon so you don’t end up having to make a cord out of three small ones or using the 40″ cable for a pair of socks or something silly like I have been doing!
    Love the pattern so far. Is it knit on the bias? How interesting!

  3. Hi from Austria! Oh, this is going to be so gorgeous, I can’t wait to see more progress pics as you’re knitting along! And I do hope you’ll be feeling better again very soon, these colds that last so long are a true nightmare! Take good care of yourself!

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