One year ago today…



5 thoughts on “One year ago today…

  1. What a loser friend I am! And for multiple reasons! Had in mind all last week to call and see how the bridge run went. Somewhere in my brain I also thought about it being your anniversary and how I should send you a big wahoo…. Lastly, I haven’t read your blog since you finished the baby dresss…. Gees, can you forgive me?
    You know they say you get forgetful when you’re pregnant…well, I’m not pregnant, but I am moving and I have NO brain at the moment. It must be because I haven’t seen you to gab or to knit in FOREVER! I’m thinking we need to christen my new house soon with a knit-in!
    That is of course if you can bear to cross the river!
    BTW, Hourglass looks great–love the color! And your being Scottish makes yet another thing we have in common. I should have thought about that…you being a Duncan and all. I’m a Campbell…that makes for a long name, eh: Elizabeth Campbell Lawrence-Baez!

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