Like sands through the hourglass…

I started Hourglass on Tuesday and have been knitting nothing else since. It’s a nice, mindless knit. Very good for TV knitting and a very welcome break from Butterfly. I’ll try and get a decent pic of it soon. It was rainy and overcast today so no photoshoot.

Geoff and I are heading down to Charleston on Thursday for (remember this?) the Cooper River Bridge Run. Am I ready for the race? No. But I will do my best! Geoff said that he would stick with me during the race so that’ll be nice. Hopefully there will be more running than walking but I never know these days. I’ll leave it up to the legs to decide.

Have you been reading what others are saying about the latest Vogue Knitting? I don’t think I’ve read anything good at all. I was hoping that maybe everyone didn’t know what they were talking about and I would love every pattern in it but I’m afraid they were right. It kinda sucks. There wasn’t one pattern in there that jumped out at me. Their big mistake? Choosing this issue to include a reader survey. You better believe I filled that thing out. I mean, 90% of their patterns would elicit the strangest looks from people if I dared to venture out in public wearing them. Who wears this stuff?! I urge all readers out there! Fill out the survey and send it in! It is our civic duty.

In other crappy knitting news, UConn squashed my dream of extra yarn money on Sunday. Bastards. Sure, it was a great Cinderella story but I lost YARN MONEY, people. Yarn money. Grrrrrrrr…

Lots to do tomorrow to get ready for Charleston so you probably won’t hear from me until next week. Have a great weekend! And send me good running vibes (and good weather vibes!) on Saturday morning. Ack!


5 thoughts on “Like sands through the hourglass…

  1. Sounds like you’re having a fun weekend! Good luck! I’m knitting an Hourglass too, it’s going slowly because I’m also knitting a pair of fingerless gloves, and a stuffed robot for my roommate. Maybe I’ll get inspiration to kick into gear if I see yours! I am looking forward to wearing mine..

  2. Hope you have a fun fun weekend! I just got caught up on your blog finally and I saw you were in Asheville – my parents live there! We should meet up sometime. I haven’t been to Yarn Paradise yet – it must be new???

  3. I remember looking through the magazine and not finding anything compelling or absolutely brilliant. Same thing with Rowan. It’s fine to be eclectic, but I’m sure that serves only a certain percentage of the knitters out there. And the sizes. Don’t get me started on the sizes.

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