Still knitting!

I have been knitting a lot lately. Mostly on the gift knitting that I PROMISE to post a pic of either tomorrow or Sunday. Also, this has grown a bit…
Entrelac Scarf

I’ve been good though! I’ve been working exclusively on my gift knitting at home. But this scarf is a great portable project so I’ve been able to knit on it here and there. I’m in love with it. For real. It’s like crack. I just love watching the colors change and see how the pattern works out with the colors. Beautiful!

I still have a teeny bit of work left to do on the gift knitting tonight but right now I think I’ll just veg out a bit. Lately I’ve been getting headaches just about daily around the end of the day and I have one now. The pain seems to originate in my neck. Can you say STRESS headache? I need a vacation. It got so bad on Wednesday that I had to go to bed at 8:30. So the blog has been neglected. Any night this past week that I didn’t have a headache was devoted to gift knitting. And those evenings that I did have a headache were devoted to whimpering.

More this weekend! I promise!


One thought on “Still knitting!

  1. Sorry about the headaches, I hate it when I get them! Your crack knitting is looking great, I see why it would be difficult to put down, the colors are coming out so pretty.

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