Dust. Lots of Dust.

Whew! What a crazy weekend and week it’s been! Sorry I haven’t posted progress pics of Butterfly like I promised! Why? Well there’s been NO progress. See?

I haven’t touched her in over a week because of my secret gift knitting. But that will be secret no more come this weekend and it will be all-butterfly-all-the-time.

As for the title of this post, it seems that dust has been a big part of Geoff and I’s life the past few days. it all started Sunday morning when we woke up at the buttcrack of dawn to watch one of the university’s buildings get imploded. It was AWESOME! I have never seen a building implode in person and I must admit that I am a big fan now. I want them to implode MORE buildings! Yeah! More! But as for the dust, I can do without that. We were only a block away from the building and the wind was not our friend. That dust cloud ascended on us faster than you could say “I think that dust cloud is headed for us.” Everyone was scrambling with their faces covered in any way they could. Anyway, my darling husband wrote a nice piece for the university’s website and he and his team created some wonderful photos and a GREAT video clip of the big event. Go here to read the story and at the bottom of the page is a link to the video. Soooooo freakin’ cool. You gotta see it!!!

And the dust has found us again. This time it’s not so easy to escape from because it’s all over our freakin’ house. Now it is not because we do not keep a clean house. You see, when we awoke this morning our house was spotless! But, in the name of progress, we had central heating and air installed today. We live in an old house and had window AC units and a floor furnace up until today. I stayed home from work to watch the mayhem unfold. Four men managed to leave every surface in our house covered in a layer of dust. Not so good for allergy boy who is now frantically dusting and vacuuming with our allergy-friendly Dyson (which I think he may love more than me). It was pretty fun to watch them install the heating and air. But it was not so fun to see them cutting into our hardwood floors! And our beautiful tile floors! AAUUGGHH!! But when they left this afternoon, we had central heat and air. Keepin’ up with the Joneses.

Well, better get back to my gift knitting. At least I’ll have a finished object to show this weekend!


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