Stick a fork in it!

I’m finished with my secret knitting project! Of course, since the special recipient could be lurking around, you’ll have to click on my extended entry to see a pic.

But first, a little poll! I’m thinking of making some little sweater/stocking ornaments to give people for Christmas. I have both Last Minute Knitted Gifts and Weekend Knitting and both of them have very cute mini-sweaters (and Last Minute Knitted Gifts has a small stocking, too). Have any of you knitted any of these or know someone who has? Which of these patterns is best? Or is there a better one available online? I want to be able to make several of these so the quicker and easier the better!

Ok! Click on my extended entry (not you, Jane!) to see a pic of my secret knitting!

This is, of course, a pic of it pre-blocked. It shall grow grow grow when I block it (which will be a feat since it will be too big for my blocking board).

And I finished it with a WEEK left before my sister-in-law’s birthday! Plenty of time for some good ol’ blocking…


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