Happy Birthday!

So the Big Birthday Bash was a big success! We celebrated the birthdays like pros. It was one of the hottest days of the year but we had the lake for relief.

Here are some pics of the birthday boy…


And After…

Maddie loved her sweater but I wasn’t able to get a pick of her wearing it (it was tough keeping her out of the lake long enough for presents and dinner). I do have a pic of her opening it though so that will have to do for now…

Geoff and I put up new bamboo roman shades in the living room and kitchen this afternoon. They look great and it’s nice to have actually accomplished something productive. I get so run down during the week that all I want to do on the weekends is relax and knit. But I’ve come to realize that I can’t do that EVERY weekend. Bah! I hope that once we get things in order the way we want, there will be more weekends filled with knitting and less filled with home improvement.

Well, my sitting time is over. Must get dinner started. Where did my weekend go?


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